Happy Easter!

This post is inspired by Google Hot Trends.

I’m not the type to preach and post about religious stuff but when I do, I’d rather do it right. It’s Easter Sunday. For Christians, it is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ. We should be concentrating on the true meaning of this day…


You know what is trending right now in Google? “How to make Hard Boiled Eggs“. Sure egg hunting is fun, but I don’t see the connection. Just like how Christmas is now about “Santa Claus” and his reindeers.

Even here in Dubai I see Easter Eggs and Chocolate Eggs being sold in the supermarket. Really?! Is this what we want to teach our children? I really can’t find words to express what I want to say because I don’t really like talking about religion. But deep inside, I wish everyone Happy Easter and hope that we all realize what this day really means.


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