For Blake’s First Birthday

She just turned 11 months and here I am thinking of what to do for her first birthday. I’ve always known that I don’t want a huge birthday party on her first year. This is not in line with tradition. We are supposed to be celebrating first birthdays because its a milestone.

But you see, I don’t agree 100%.

Yes, it is a milestone. My baby is going to be one year. We should celebrate that. And we should also celebrate the fact that “we” (baby daddy and I) survived the first year! Boy, that’s sure wasn’t easy! There are times that baby daddy and I would bite each others heads off due to lack of sleep and exhaustion. But I digress…

What I do not agree on is having a HUGE party.

Picture this: A themed party with kids and adults wearing party hats, loud music, balloons. A clown and probably a magician…

I am 100% sure that Blake will end up crying the whole time! She will get overwhelmed and then I will get stressed. And people will say she’s a cry baby. They won’t see her wonderful bubbly side because she’s bawling her eyes out.

And one more thing, she probably won’t remember the whole shebang! So technically, the party is not for Blake, but for me. To show everyone that my baby has turned one and I did a good job. But that won’t happen because we’re stressed.

To cut the long story short…

We’ll celebrate Blake’s first birthday on our own terms. We’ll probably go out of town. Have fun and some cake. A birthday is not complete without cake.

To my dear friends and relatives, no I am not avoiding you. We can celebrate too. πŸ™‚

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