Eraserheads in Dubai

Last weekend was so epic that I had to delay blogging because I needed to sleep. HA! First we went to watch a very successful concert by one of the BEST Filipino bands, Eraserheads. Then the next day, we went to ComicCon! 

But let’s talk about the concert first. I have to disclose that the previous concerts I attended were  complimentary tickets. (I am lucky to be in a company that gets invited to concerts… heheh) But when I found out that Eraserheads will be in Dubai and that I won’t be getting complimentary tickets, I said F’ it. I’m buying! (that says a lot because I do not like spending for “non important” stuff)

So with tickets in hand, we lined up outside the Dubai Media City Ampitheater and waited for the band. 

You see, their music was the anthem of my youth. It brings back tons of memories… fun times!

Chucks which I have not washed since I bought them in 2008! 

We waited. and waited. 

… and waited some more. Then on the big screen, the countdown begins. 15:00 minutes. Woohoo!! crowd goes wild. Then after 15 minutes, the counter resets! Boo!! Another 15 minutes. :/


But this time they did come on stage after the countdown. Crowd was WILD!!

After a few songs, people from the gold standing area (where we were) were let in the platinum area which was just a few feet away from the stage. Hey, they let us in. (Hope those who paid for the expensive area didn’t mind.)

If you were there, I was the big, crazy, fist pumping, water bottle shaking, jiggling and bouncing person near the front. Another great thing about this concert is that we were able to hang out with our cousins. YAY!!

In between songs, we would take photos. You do realize that we’re posers… we don’t even know the proper “rock on” hand gesture, yes?

Commercial muna. LOL!!

 We took photos. Lots of them!

When the band started singing Huling El Bimbo, I was having goosebumps. I love that song. (I even use that to put my baby to sleep.. haha!) Then lights out. They left. 

But the crowd didn’t. We kept shouting for “more more!!” And they came back with 3 more songs! Pare Ko,Toyang, and Alapaap. 

Then they took a bow … we were so near that I could almost touch them. (but not quite… that’s ok though.) Seeing them perform live is more than enough. (yes, I have not seen them perform .. ever. But I’m a fan, I swear!!)

More photos can be found in THIS FACEBOOK PAGE. It was fun scanning the photos coz I found myself in the crowd! 


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