Do Not Leave Living Things in Your CAR!

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My gad! Would you put your child or pet inside an oven? No! Definitely not!

News Flash! A car is just like an oven. I’m sure you have experienced going back to your parked car and swear the bejeezus out of it because its too hot inside. 

Why am I talking about cars and ovens, you ask. Well, an unfortunate news was shared to me by Grace of (read her post!). In today’s news, a child DIED because he was forgotten inside the car.
Why? Just why? I mean, if you don’t see your mobile phone for 5 minutes, you frantically search for it. I don’t understand how parents can “forget” about their child?!! You don’t forget your child (or pets!!). That is your responsibility. 
So sorry for being so insensitive, I know they have just lost their child. But no one else is to blame for this life lost. 
This is not the first incident I have heard about children being left behind inside cars. It really makes me sad that they have to die because adults are too preoccupied with other things. 
Please do not leave any living thing inside your car! Not your pet, definitely not your child!!

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