A Day in France and B’s 4th Birthday

[This is part of our trip to Switzerland in 2015. We are in Dubai as of this posting.]



So, I left you with this view on my last post:


View from our balcony in Les Grandes Alpes at night

The photo does not give the place justice because even at night, the place looks very pretty. Imagine my delight when I stepped out on the balcony the next morning … 

Les Grandes Alpes

La Clusaz Morning

Never mind that there’s a cemetery just right next to our hotel (I easily get creeped out, superstitions and stuff), the view is still amazing! 


Now imagine this place covered in snow! This place is a ski destination but it was not quite winter yet when we went there. 


This is my favorite part, having coffee on the balcony and just enjoying the sights. Inhaling fresh air and just being in the moment of calmness. I was in this state for a full 2 minutes, after which B started calling me. Oh well… 😀

This is the view on the road just outside our hotel/apartment. There’s a mini grocery just outside but it was still closed when we went down so we had an excuse to walk around the pretty little town. 


We bought some stuff for breakfast and ingredients for dinner later. After breakfast, we decided to have a dip in the pool.



This is the view just outside the pool area. Pretty, right?



We stayed for about an hour before we decided to have another road trip. We left the village and went to nearby district of Annecy. Just to give you an idea, this is how the roads look like: 


There were sharp turns … lots of them. I wasn’t joking when I said that I was scared $hit when we passed here the night before. It was torture going through it once again (and again when we went back up, then when we travelled back to Switzerland).



We arrived at Annecy just before lunch time. We didn’t have any concrete plans so we just walked around as soon as we found a place to park our rented van. 


There were lots of restaurants along Thiou River, which is considered as one of the shortest rivers in France. It took us a while before we settled for nice quiet place in one of the alleys. 


Here’s B enjoying her gelato on a cold day. 😛


The main attraction in Annecy : Palais de I’Isle along Thiou River:


After a hefty lunch, we decided to drive around. The trip to France is not complete without a visit to Carrefour. LOL. Imagine going all the way there just to shop at Carrefour, ha ha!! Well, we had to get some stuff because it was B’s 4th birthday!!

Unlike her previous birthdays (First, Second, and Third), we didn’t have time to prepare anything grand. Well, actually celebrating in France is already grand, right? 😛


So we just got a ready-made cake, some veggies, meat and raclette cheese for, well … raclette! We went back up to the village, prepared food and had a really nice dinner. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without singing to the birthday girl!


Make a Wish!

A’s sister has a portable raclette grill so we were able to enjoy the Swiss/French dish at “home”. This was our dinner that night. Mr. A cooked the spaghetti and I really really liked it. It’s probably because of all the bacon we put in it. LOL



Raclette : boiled baby potatoes, grilled veggies, sausages and melted raclette cheese

After dinner, I followed B and her cousin outside on the balcony. I found them like this:


I decided to document it by taking a photo of them together gazing at the pretty sights. One day they will be talking about “the time when they went on a road trip to France”. I hope they do. I really hope that B grows up having really close relations with her cousins just like I did. 

Once we put the kids to sleep, the grown ups stayed in the living room with a couple of glasses of wine talking about life. Just like any family, we talked about the ups and downs and we’re just grateful to be where we are right now. 


I can say that B’s birthday is a success. It’s definitely one the most memorable trips we’ve had. Can’t wait to have more trips with this little girl!

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  • Tarana

    What a beautiful place! And I’m sure this made her birthday even more memorable.

    February 21, 2016 at 9:36 AM Reply
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