Conversations With Blake

I can’t wait to have conversations with my princess. I’m sure it would be fun and priceless! And you know what they say… We learn from our kids. So, I’ll start posting conversations with Blake.
At this point, Blake just blabbers and mimics everything she hears. It would be gibberish for everyone else but I understand what she says. Like for example, she says:
“WA-UH” — she wants WATER. 
“MO-MO” or “MAMU” — she wants to watch Sesame Street / ELMO
She calls her dad: daahhhdeeehhh (she says it very soft, as if whispering loudly(?))
Unfortunately, she still calls me : DUDU (tagalog slang for breasts)
Me: Mommy
Blake: Dudu
Me: Mooooommmmyyyy
Blake: Duuuu du
Me: Maaaa – meeee
Blake: Maaaa — DU!
Oh Blake! 

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