Considerations for Your Ocean Wedding

If you want to get married without your shoes on, you might want to consider getting married on the beach. Ocean weddings can be the most beautiful places to get married. Beaches are not all created equal, so you would be wise to arrange to see a wedding in progress on the beach that you might want your wedding to be held on. The wedding will have to be coordinated with the natural light so everyone has a good experience. Acoustics can also be an issue on a beach.

Public and Private Beaches

Being married on a public beach can present some problems with privacy issues. Curious beachgoers will want to see what is going on when they notice a wedding is taking place. You can have a security team keep those curious people at bay or you can hope they will respect your privacy. Another issue with being married on a public beach means that you may have noise problems with boats going by, traffic on the roads and the general sound of those that are enjoying themselves on the beach. All your guests will want to hear your vows, so that should be taken into account. A private beach may be the answer to all of the above-mentioned problems. You won’t have to worry about people who haven’t been invited showing up. The acoustics can be controlled so that everyone can hear what is going on. And, you will be the only one getting married on the beach during the time you want to be.

Light and Acoustics

Getting married while the sun is setting takes some serious timing. You don’t want the sun shining brightly in the eyes of your guests while the ceremony is taking place; they want to see you get married. The ocean breeze can be an issue if it blows sand into everything and onto everyone. Scheduling your wedding during the part of the summer when the wind is minimal to non-existent is pretty tricky. Moving the reception to a hotel or facility nearby will keep the sand out of the food, and they may even let you keep your shoes off. When planning ocean weddings, you might need the expertise of a meteorologist, a sound engineer, and a security team. When the day comes, with adequate planning and preparation, you should have the wedding of your dreams. 


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