Carnival Week 5: Earning Online – Bread and Butter or Passive Income Generator?

Ok girls, its time for our weekly carnival post. This week’s topic is about Earning Online. Is it your actual source of income or is it just something you do to have extra money?

I do not do this full time. Heck, I don’t even do it part time! If I earn while blogging then good. There is a lot of opportunity to earn online and if I’d really work hard, I know this could cover all my expenses. But I’m a lazy blogger. I’m a lousy writer and I lack discipline. (OMG, did I just trash myself?)

I do love blogging and I already earned like $15 on my other blog. Not bad, isn’t it? I could buy a couple of nice polishes with that! So I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t really see myself working full time trying to earn online. If I could generate passive income online but not really freaking myself out with deadlines then that would be great!

I have not made millions but I will always be proud of my $15 income! LOL.

Before I forget, I have a small online store. Does that count? I mean that’s not really earning online right? I just preferred to sell my products online rather than having an actual store. Earning online for me is when you don’t have to shell out cash. I lost my train of thoughts. LOL

What do you think?? Does online stores count?

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