Bucket List and 2013 Goals Update

I guess it’s about time to write an update on the progress of my “List”. Here’s what has been crossed out in the last year:

See a stage play/musical – I’ve watched CATS the musical live at Ductac (MOE). I expected more out of it actually but over all it was a good show. 
Wear false lashes – this is supposed to be paired with wearing a wig but I still haven’t had the “right” occasion for it. I wore false lashes when I watched JLO in Dubai
Here’s what’s currently in progress:
Have an “Indoor” [Herb] Garden – I’m still far from achieving “garden state” but I’m on my way there. The celery is doing good. I had to chop some of the stalks off and placed it outside since it needs a little bit of sun.
Be a Mom (and not screw it up) – well, I’ll be a mom forever, so just follow my other blog for that.
Achieve my ideal weight – Admittedly, I have not been doing anything about this. I have been trying but not hard enough. That is why, I am making this my top priority in 2013. 
2013 Goals:
  1. Be Healthy.
  2. Be Wealthy.
  3. Be Grateful
Too generic? Too short? 
I realized that having a long list of things to do is not working out for me. I have to focus on what’s important. These are the three main things that I failed to focus on in 2012. My health, my savings and my positive outlook.
It was a hard year for us, 2012. It drained me financially, emotionally and physically. (It wasn’t ALL BAD, but overall… it wasn’t easy.) I promised myself that it will not happen again this year. This year is going to be awesome. So I’m starting with myself. 
Today, I started my detox. Unfortunately I won’t be able to follow the program to the dot because I’m still breastfeeding but nevertheless, I’m going to make sure that the “adjustments” that I made will still give me the result I want. I took my “before” shots early this morning. It’s disgusting! I don’t think I could ever share those photos…EVER. But I had to do it. So I can track my progress and be inspired to work harder.
Financially, I am trying to write down everything and start a budget sheet (AGAIN). I always fail in this because I always end up not following my budget. So that has to change. Follow a budget and save. 
On a separate (and still related) note, this challenge will also help me with my financial goals and remind me of the things I should be grateful about. 

Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings. ~Marianne Williamson

I personalized my Happiness Jar too. Isn’t it cute?

Please don’t judge the me, judge the book. : P

What’s your plan this year?

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