Breastfeeding Positions

Hello!! I have not been ignoring this blog. I have tons of things to blog about, I just don’t have time. So let me do bullet points here:

1. We still don’t have our permanent nanny.
2. Blake has a tooth out already!
3. She’s 8 kilos now (probably more)
4. She likes eating with grown ups. Doesn’t like baby food (mashed and gooey)
5. She is loud! (I wonder where she gets that from … *wink*)

And because I want to go into more details, I’ll just have to write separate posts. And because the title of this post is about Breastfeeding Positions, I just have to share this:

nursing position heather cushman dowdee

comic by Heather Cushman Dowdee

It is really spot on!! I think we have done all of the positions above. Blake loves “expose with a dribble” and “the super distract with a twist”. And I love “the pounce” … its cute! HAHA!

Which ones have you experienced?

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