Blast from the Past : Desert Safari

When you find super old photos on your facebook feeds and instagram streams, you know it’s already Thursday! So for this weekend, I’m sharing some old adventure.

I was checking my archives for something to post on Throwback Thursdays and I found a lot of memories. This was my first and last (so far) desert safari experience.
I remember meeting up with the group very early and having a short stop over somewhere. The driver was pretty cool too. He doesn’t really talk much but he has stories to tell if you ask. 

For some reason, the driver suddenly changed when we reached the sand dunes. He had this crazy look in his eyes and I swear I heard him softly laughing … you know, that kind of evil laugh? That one. 

We went up and down and through the sand dunes. The 4×4 shook and everyone inside was violently thrown from side to side. We screamed and laughed. We had fun … for the first 2 minutes.

Then it was just screaming for dear life. We screamed that we want to stop but that only made Mr. Driver even more happy. He showed off more of his driving skills and I have no more reaction. We were all silent. Our eyes dead. We just want to stop. And then we did stop. 
The only decent photo of me. 
I was so disoriented that I didn’t want to get out of the car but also I know I needed some air. I realized that I had bruises on my arms. Can’t remember if it was from the bumping or from the tight grip of the person beside me. I wasn’t surprised when some of my friends started barfing outside. 
Then there were camels. 

And they smelled. It really didn’t help with my headache.

The moon is already peeking so we decided to move to “camp” to have dinner.

At camp, we had the chance to ride a camel. It was exciting…

…till it actually moved. Then I was scared shit.

Over all, it was a fun day. I enjoyed it but I never did it again. Go figure. 

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