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I could be a little late in posting this because this video has been showing up on my facebook timeline for a while now. I really didn’t pay any attention to it. I mean it’s Dove. I get that they empower women and that its a great product. Heck, I use Dove. (I just discovered Dove Beauty soap in cocoa butter … uh huh!)
On to the video. Out of boredom curiosity, I clicked on the link and watched. What I didn’t expect is that I’d be moved by the whole thing! *tears*
It’s amazing how we see ourselves, eh? We put so much attention to things that don’t really matter. I kept saying that this is so true! 

Checking out the comments and interactions about this commercial (is this a commercial? an ad for Dove?), some people have other things to say. They were even arguing! For me, this made me realize that I should not focus on trivial things like my freckles or that fine lines are showing already… this is normal! 
But while women are overly critical of themselves, look at how men see themselves!

[this is a parody of the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video

I find it funny because its true! What do you think?!

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