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This is a long over due post. I have been lemming for this since I saw a review from Digital Traincase (read the review here). I am a “big” bag person because … well, I’m big. A small tote would look like a wallet on me. Of course I’m exaggerating, or am I? 

And since a friend is using it and swears by it, I decided that this is the bag organizer that I’m going to use. Bag2Go Organizers from Shoppingbliss

Here is my B2G in action:

Big Organizer. Black/Yellow combo.

It has six outside pockets. Two of them have flaps. It also has pen holders on the side.

And this is my hand. 

The bag organizer has two main compartments. One side has my wallet and a small vanity kit. The other side holds my perfume and spray bottles. It fits perfectly in my everyday H & M bag. It holds the shape of the bag, doesn’t look bulky and I can find my keys and cell phone easily!

The best part is I can easily change bags with just one quick transfer. Follow these simple steps:

1. Take bag organizer from old/everyday bag
2. Put bag organizer inside new bag.


One more thing, it protects your bag lining from stains. Especially if you have really nice, expensive bags. Bag 2 Go organizers comes in 7 colors (Smiley YELLOW, Cool BLUE, Eco GREEN, Flirty PINK, Neutral GRAY, Agressive RED and Sweet LAVENDER) and in 2 sizes:

SMALL (LxWxH): 10″x4″x5″
LARGE (LxWxH): 12″x5″x6″

In the Philippines, contact Shopping Bliss

By the way, I’m wearing essence # 24 – Sundancer.

It’s a very nice sunny yellow. A bit streaky on the first coat but it corrects easily. I’m really happy with this one, no bubbles, no mess! I didn’t even have to do clean up. The ring is from Forever21 (they have a sale, by the way)

Till next post!


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  • shoutingwind

    Anon, where are you located? send me an email. Thanks!

    August 2, 2010 at 6:43 AM Reply
  • Anonymous

    hahaha funny comments..anyway girls.LoL how much this bag organizer.. pindot ako ng pindot follow na ako saan na mga advertize d ko pa rin makita ang prize nito..LOL ,, blah blah..wheres the prize?? pagod na mata ko sa kakabasa.. waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    August 2, 2010 at 6:08 AM Reply
  • shoutingwind

    Yes! pwede ka pa maglagay ng bangko sa gitna. LOL

    Maganda talaga, umayos ang buhay ko dahil sa kanya. 😀

    July 13, 2010 at 5:04 AM Reply
  • MindyTV

    Huwaw!!! Pareho nga tayo nung yellow shade ko the other day.

    At ang luwag ng bag organizer na yan no? Pwede pa saksakan ng isang pwet, pito pito magkabilaan lang hahah parang jeep!!!

    July 12, 2010 at 9:47 PM Reply
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