B & Me in Al Riqqa Road

Almost a week ago, B and I had a mommy and baby date. (yes, the blog name – A, B and Me – is grammatically incorrect, but it you have to let that pass because it’s a play on words. he he) A is currently  travelling so it’s just us girls. I took the little one to Al Riqqa street in Dubai. 

[the photo of me above is majorly edited via picmonkey. Is it too obvious? ha ha! I looked dead so decided to put some blush and lip tint on. The power of photo manipulation!]

Many years ago, I lived in Al Riqqa street. It was our home for about 4 years until we can no longer afford the rent. Al Riqqa is a very busy street. It’s so full of life. It’s right smack in the middle of everything. When we lived there, we just go down if we got hungry and too lazy to cook. So many restaurants and fast food around. We had easy access to malls around the area – Al Ghurair Mall, Reef Mall and City Centre Deira. If we wanted cheap entertainment, we just go down and sit outside. We watch people walk, argue, be lovey-dovey … anything! 

I had so many unforgettable experiences in this street, from a protest on the streets to a very strong rain storm. Al Riqqa is so much fun during Dubai Shopping Festival, its like on steroids or something. 😀

I wanted to see how it looks like now so I took B to Juice World first then walked all the way to Al Ghurair.  (with a stop over in a fast food joint and outside a random restaurant where B started following the lights on the ground like a crazy cat HAHA!!). Good thing B was in the mood to walk!

Nothing much has changed. It’s still busy. Still bursting with life. 


Do I miss it? Not really. I’m happy where we live now, but it was so much fun showing B where mummy lived before. 


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