App Review: Appy Kids Play School App


Appy Kids Play School series was launched in Virgin Megastores in October 2016. We were lucky to be part of this launch as we had the chance to see the app in action! 


What is Appy Kids Play Kit?

Appy Kids Play Kit is a fun educational toy combining digital and physical play. The games are story driven along with the Appy Kids unique learning methods of interaction, practice, and production which helps children develop their language, numeric, artistic, social and cognitive skills. 


The play kit is designed for kids 3+.

At first, I thought Blake would get bored with the “game” because she’s already 5 years old. We have a similar app called Starfall and she outgrew it. She’s into watching toy unboxing and My Little Ponies in Youtube. 

But when she saw Little Miss at the event, she got so excited and started playing. I can see that she’s really into it. It’s not hard to like the app/game because it has very colorful images and catchy songs. The smart flash cards make everything more fun.



What is included in the Kit?

  • Appy Toy Dock – Your child’s Appy companion that also doubles as a device dock
  • Smart Flash Cards – Over 70 smart flash cards that teach language, colors, numbers and shapes
  • Play School App – With over 50 hours of gameplay, your child will be engaged and entertained
  • AppyKids Connect – A companion app for parents and educators. Keep track of your child’s learning journey

You can check more info about the app here: AppyKids Play School.

What I liked about the app:

There is a companion app that would let the parents track the progress of their kids. Why is this good for me? I am a working mom. My daughter spends her time at home with the nanny until I reach home after office. That is a huge chunk of time that I do not have control of my daughter’s screen time. 

With AppyKids Connect, I can be sure that she is spending her time engaged in something educational rather than just toy videos (do not get me started with egg surprise videos!!). I like seeing her progress and at the same time learn best practices and discover educational content so Blake and I can play together.

Appy Kids is available at Virgin Megastores priced at AED 229. Expansion packs and hard copy books are also available in store and on their website.

We were provided with the kit for review, however, all opinions are mine and remain uninfluenced. This is not a paid post.

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