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Hamburg, Germany – 2014

This time last year I was given an opportunity to go to Hamburg, Germany on a business trip. I have always wanted to go there. Been there 2x before but just to transit to my next destination.

The airport was quite busy due to some construction work. Our hosts company provided us a very informative guide on how to get from the airport to the hotel. I was warned that taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel may upset some drivers because they waited for a long time for a passenger only to get one who will basically just be taken across the street.

Don’t blame me, I didn’t know that it was that close.

Since it was a business trip, I didn’t really have time to roam around. I did manage to take a walk around the hotel where I stayed because I wanted to find the closest supermarket. That (…or even this…) time of the year is not really the best weather to be walking outside, but since it was my first time I didn’t mind the -3deg temperature.


The first thing I noticed was how quiet the place was. I didn’t see a lot of people around (I think this proves the weather theory). I managed to find a supermarket a few blocks away from the hotel. I was expecting difficulty communicating because I was told that not many Germans speak English.

I haven’t really had the time to explore the property so I decided to buy my dinner from the supermarket. The produce was very fresh and their choices of meat and sausages were overwhelming. Since I am staying in a hotel, I had no choice but to get me something easy to eat. I got me a bottled sausage and a drink to keep me warm (if you know what I mean – wink, wink).

Back in the hotel, took some pictures, connected to the net, Skype with S and B then off to sleep because morning it’s business time.

Hotel Alsterkrug

The following day was uneventful, however on the third night, our hosts took us to town (not that kind of town). We went to see the Christmas Market that was set up outside of the Hamburg Municipality.

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

I had to get S and B a Christmas souvenir.


Looks nice when lit up.

After that were taken to a famous historical pub for dinner. The place was packed (so that’s where the people are…).

Flame Cake

Flame Cake or Flammkuchen

After a night of roaming around and a bit of fun, it was back to business the following day. I didn’t need to stay any longer so I went to the airport immediately after the conference.

Hamburg Departure Terminal

Whenever I am asked about where I want to spend my retirement, I always say Germany, that was even before I have been there. Now that I have been there I still want to go back. But after going to Switzerland, I might have to change my mind, and that would be “A“-nother story.

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