AB&Me Travels: Disneyland Park California

[This is part of our AB&Me Travels : US Trip last March 2015. I am in Dubai at the time of this writing]

AB&Me Travels Disneyland Park 03.06.15

abandme_disneyland park_mickey

One of the highlights of our trip is this… Disneyland!! Truly a magical place. It was like a time machine that transported me back to when I was 8!

abandme_disneyland park_one way

I wanted to experience everything but we realized early on that we won’t be doing anything today except follow Blakey around. LOL

abandme_disneyland park_carousel

We spent a long time inside the shops because Blake did not want to leave. She’s so amused by the merchandise. Who wouldn’t??

abandme_disneyland park_castle

We were able to convince her to go outside eventually. However, she still runs away from mascots. What am I to do? I posed with the characters on my own, of course! HAHA

abandme_disneyland park_goofy

I also asked them to sign my Surat Journal. This is Pluto signing my journal … 

abandme_disneyland park_pluto

My sister took B inside Minnie’s House and they stayed there for a quite a bit. I let them be because I was in line to meet Goofy. HA! Apparently, while they were inside, Minnie decided to show up and had a meet and greet at her garden. There were very few people inside so they had the perfect opportunity to have a photo with Minnie. B won’t have it. She walked out!

abandme_disneyland park_aurora

We were not able to do much because by this time Blake was more interested in playing in Goofy’s play house than to go on rides. Also, we were all still tired from our trip to Universal Studios Hollywood the day before so we were happy to just sit there and watch her play. 😀

abandme_disneyland park_door

abandme_disneyland park_parade

We took note of the parade times so we can pick a good spot to watch. We sat on the pavement waiting for the parade to start. It was the best spot because we were able to see the characters up close but not close enough for B to panic!

abandme_disneyland park_sis

After the parade, we went to Frontierland where the Mark Twain Boat is located. Unfortunately, the line was very loooooongggg. We decided to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride instead.  It was a bit scary so we were worried about B, but she was OK. 

abandme_disneyland park_princesstiana

While walking around New Orleans Square, we saw Princess Tiana. Isn’t she pretty?    

We went to Downtown Disney District to have dinner and went back inside the park to witness the fireworks. We were actually inside a Starbucks shop when we heard the music. 

I had to run outside so I’d catch the show. My sister told me to just go and that she’ll find me when she’s done ordering. She found me in the middle of Main Street, with tears in my eyes. I kid you not!

It was almost 11 pm by the time we got out of the park. Here’s the aftermath of Disneyland Park:

I’ve uploaded more photos on my Facebook page. Do check them out! I’m going to make a separate posts for tips and tricks that we learned during this trip to Disneyland. Stay tuned!

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  • Abigail

    a trip to Disneyland just brings out the child in us.

    June 15, 2015 at 9:29 AM Reply
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