A B & Me: Top Searches July 2014

Yellow! 😀 (Corny joke, I know!) This is me being so random  … hehehe …

Whenever I am bored, I look for blogs to stalk. When I say stalk, I mean I read the whole blog from the beginning!! Yeah, I actually do that. Right now, I’m stalking Pinay Flying High, just because. There are a couple of her entries there where she would share her blogs top searches (what people type in Google and then end up in her blog…). Out of curiosity, I checked my stats. It’s not as “exciting” but I thought I’d share just the same.

Here’s my Top Searches for the past 30 days:

  1. EOS lip balm – My blog shows up probably because of the post I made on How to fix your EOS Lipbalm. Good tutorial, if I may say so. 😉
  2. a girl sitting in a rose-pink Cadillac – I have no idea why my blog comes up when you search for this… *scratches head*
  3. How to choose a date when renewing a passport in Dubai – Here is how, check my post about Passport Renewal
  4. www.megatypers.com review – This one is a very old post and still getting a lot of hits!
  5. KFC Khorfakkan telephone number – Ooops, I wrote about Oceanic Hotel Khorfakkan which is exactly opposite KFC. You can actually see the store if you’re in one of the “mountain view rooms”.  Just in case you need to order KFC, here’s their hotline number: 600522252. You can also check the KFC website here.
  6. Sleek True lip color plush – I did a review/ swatch of this. I love Sleek lipstick in Plush. I use it almost everyday. 🙂
  7. celean liwan sexy vid. – Whut? Why did my blog came up when searching for this? 
  8. lay bare review blog – Ahhh, one of the best waxing experience for me was at Lay Bare Waxing Salon in the Philippines. I’m cautious having my hair removed here coz I had a very bad experience before. The salon uses hot wax (almost all of them uses hot wax, right?) and the attendant burned my armpits! *cry*
  9. is tressme shampoo is good for rebondede hair – I’m pretty sure the searcher meant “rebonded” hair. And I can’t vouch for this because I didn’t get good results using this shampoo that’s why I never bothered blogging about it. 
  10. tuburan resort tupi – So happy someone is searching for Tuburan!! It is a very very nice place (I am biased because my Aunt owns the resort, but what the heck, it IS very nice!!) Check out my blog post about it

So, that’s my top 10 searches for the past month. I would probably to the same again next month. Let’s see how this goes. And thanks to Noemi for the idea! 😀

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