Been There: Oceanic Hotel – Khorfakkan

Just before the summer started a few weeks ago, we decided to go on a short staycation. Because I am stingy (yes, I am),  I’m always on the look out for promotions and good deals. That weekend, we decided to go to Oceanic Hotel in Khorfakkan. They had a good deal over at Triperna so we went for it. 

Oceanic Hotel

Oceanic Hotel – Khorfakkan

The Trip

Because the promo was valid only on weekdays, we had to make the booking on a Thursday. That meant that I had to leave the office as soon as the clock striked 3 pm and picked up A and B at home. I made sure that the hotel was informed that we will be checking in late. We arrived at around 530 pm. 


It actually took us a while because we don’t always go “out-of-town” so we don’t know the way. I had to rely on my GPS which took to longer routes coz there had been changes on the roads.  It’s always a nice sight to see fruits and carpet shops along the road. Especially the fruit stalls reminded me of home. 


Checking In

Check in was a breeze. We didn’t have to wait or get stressed. While I was checking in, A and B were being assisted with our baggage, the car was left to the valet. I was given our room key and was advised that dinner will be served around 7 pm, and the pool will be open till 10 pm. That was enough for us, especially B who loves to swim. 

Welcome Note

Loved the personal touch

Mountain View

We went to our room to freshen up and take some photos. I wish I requested for a “sea-view” room. Mountain view room is not that appealing. Although, just right outside is a KFC store… hmmm … tempting. 😛

Mountain View

View from our room


Our bed for the night. It was just right for the three of us. And by that I meant, Mr. A and me slept sideways while B spread out like a starfish in the middle, as usual. 😀



Beach and Pool

We went down to check out the pool and it did not disappoint. The view wasn’t that amazing but it’s not crappy too! For us, this is something out of the ordinary. We were outdoors and we’re enjoying every minute!



Oceanic Khorfakkan Pool Bar

Pool Bar


We had dinner afterwards then went for a night swim until the pool closed. Exhaustion got the best of us and the bed was so inviting. We were all probably snoring before midnight. 😛

Oceanic Khorfakkan Hall

 Next morning we went down for breakfast. Food was ok, I guess. I have no complaints, so that means it’s not bad. After breakfast, we packed up, left our bags at the reception and went back to the pool. We didn’t want to get stressed with the checkout process and the hotel staff told us that we can use the facilities all day. 

A and B

Oceanic Khorfakkan Pool area

We left the hotel around 3 or 4 pm. The ride home wasn’t at all bad. B slept most of the way while I took photos … well, one photo. I also slept the whole way. So it was just A enjoying the ride…or maybe not. Haha!

going home

Overall it was a good trip. Quick, fun and within the budget. Couldn’t ask for more. 

Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa
P. O. Box 10444,
Khorfakkan, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates
Telephone   : +971 (0)9 2385111
Facebook: Oceanic Resort
Twitter: Oceanic Resort
Instagram: Oceanic Hotel
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