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Name: Nadia Masood
Location: Dubai, UAE
Blog: www.nadiamasood.com



How did you start blogging?

I returned from my first trip to India in 2008 with so many stories and pictures to share with my family. This was when I decided that a blog would be the best platform to keep everyone updated about our trips and life here in the UAE. I started with Blogspot and then soon moved to WordPress. It’s been 6 years and I can’t imagine not having a blog now.

What do you write about?

I mostly write about travel and restaurant reviews. I would occasionally blog about recipes as well. But it’s travel writing that I’m truly passionate about and I hope that readers learn something new whenever they read the blog.

Tips for new Bloggers?

You need to have passion, authenticity, and consistency in order to sustain the blog and keep the readers interested. If you don’t enjoy blogging, it will reflect in the quality of your posts. And don’t always offer to write for free. If you want to make money out of your blog, invest in getting your own domain. Also, social media is the best way to drive traffic to your blog.

What are the challenges you face with blogging?

Lack of time. I work full time, look after my family, and do almost all the household chores myself so I hardly get time to sit and write.

What do you do outside of blogging?

I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer. When out of the office, I enjoy long drives, reading, and baking.

Blogs you recommend my readers should read/follow?

  • Fooderati Arabia – A group of talented food bloggers in the UAE.
  • Nomadic Matt – A brilliant travel writer that I follow.
  • Londoneya – A young lady whose passion for photography and writing shines through her posts.

3 Random Facts about you:

  1. When cooking or baking alone, I sometimes pretend that I’m hosting a food show.
  2. Being alone in a dark room terrifies me.
  3. I never get tired of driving.


And that concludes another feature. You can find Nadia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. Thank you Nadia for participating in A B & Me Blogger in Focus series. 🙂


Mom, Partner, Sister, Daughter, Friend. Pinay Blogger currently living in Dubai, UAE. I blog about expat life, beauty, food, being a mom … and everything else in between.

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  • nadia

    Sheila, thank you so much! How sweet of you to feature me on your blog.

    December 11, 2014 at 3:36 PM Reply
    • A B & Me

      Thank you for participating Nadia! It was my pleasure featuring you on this blog.

      December 11, 2014 at 6:51 PM Reply

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