1st of July – Girly Time

Went to the salon yesterday to have my toes done. I miss having foot spas and proper pedicure. I can do my nails decently but toes…hmmm I always hurt myself!

So anyway, we went to Jun Encarnacion Salon in Sharjah. (I really don’t know if this is a franchise of the well known(?) salon in the Philippines). I have tried the Dubai Branch and it was OK. However, this other branch is totally a different story.



First of all, the receptionist was too busy to help us out. There were only three of them (receptionist included) to man the small cozy salon. Cozy is too much, actually. The place just looks like a small living room with three huge mirrors and chairs. A TV and a sofa.

When we told the receptionist that we wanted foot spa, she just pointed us to her colleague. Now this other lady was watching TV, with her feet up on a stool. Let’s call her Lady 1. There was just one other customer inside, getting a haircut.Which was not at all bad. This other attendant is much younger and she really knows what she’s doing. We’ll call her Lady 2.

My friend, Lyn, was already soaking her feet in warm bubbly water when Lady 1 asked if I was getting foot spa too. HE-LLO?! So anyway, Lady 2  attended to me. Which was a blessing because she really is good! Got all that pesky ingrown nails and I never felt anything! Lady 1, on the other hand was either talking on the phone or just having idle chat with the other girls. I mean its OK to talk to your mates…but don’t stop doing your work!

They did not have a package for pedicure and foot spa so we ended up paying separate services. I also wanted to have my hair colored but Lady 1 said they won’t do it because I already colored my hair black. BUMMER!

My foot massage and pedicure was great. I just can’t say the same for my friend. One more thing, the sofa was not comfortable at all! When we entered the salon, I saw an OPI calendar. It really made me think that they’d be using OPI on us! Turns out, they only have local brands and a lot of Caronia (Philippine local brand). Good thing I brought my own. Lyn and I are wearing Nubar Barbera on our toes.

After our pampering, if you can call it that, we went to the nearest mall and had coffee. It was a nice girly time. Something I really really need every now and then.

Anyway, because I really wanted my hair done, I just did it myself. I used Wella Koleston in Hazelnut. So now my hair is like light brown at the roots and kind of dark brown/black at the tips. Not really bad, I think. We’ll see what my co-workers will say tomorrow.


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  • shoutingwind

    Yup, saloon! LOL. That’s a common faux pas here.
    It’s either they don’t proof read, or they simply don’t know the difference.

    July 3, 2010 at 6:54 AM Reply
  • MindyTV

    Saloon? Parang beerhouse nung panahon ng Cowboys & Indians?

    July 3, 2010 at 5:34 AM Reply
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