Tried & Tested: Detox Delight

Good Morning!! 

Here’s what’s on my mind today:

  • I’m totally behind on my blog challenge
  • I still haven’t posted a huge chunk of our US trip
  • I have items to review!!

Speaking of which, I’m posting one of those reviews today (if it’s not so obvious from the topic… LOL). I got a box of :

Detox Delight

detox delight_abandme_20150911_005

I’m not new to detox. I’ve tried a few “programs” already. I know the benefits. Below are just some of the many wonderful effects of detoxifying your body: 

  1. Energy boost
  2. Helps with Weight Loss
  3. Rids the body of excess waste
  4. Improved Skin
  5. Anti Ageing 

However, I have not tried handmade, raw natural ingredients and organic meals pre packed and delivered to my doorstep. It’s about time I try them out. Right?

detox delight_abandme_20150909_006

Detox Delight delivered my package on a Wednesday, just like they promised. It came in an ice box with all the contents tightly sealed and labeled. 

detox delight_abandme_20150911_008

The menu consists of:

  1. Green Smoothie – Orange juice, lime, zest of lime, coconut water, spinach, avocado, ginger, maca powder and salt dates. 
  2. 2 Detox Juices
  3. Italian Salad with Balsamic Dressing – Cucumbers, zucchini, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, avocados, pine nuts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, apple vinegar, maple syrup, garlic and salt.
  4. Quinoa Salad – quinoa, green peas, cucumber, carrots, corn, pepper and salt, olive oil, soy yoghurt, mint, lemon and agave syrup. 
detox delight_abandme_20150911_001

apple, carrots, beetroot, grapes, strawberry and lemon

I first tried the Pink detox juice which was surprisingly good considering it has beetroot. I am not a fan of beetroot. LOL

detox delight_abandme_20150909_002

I took the box home and had the Quinoa Salad for dinner. It’s filling but not heavy. I might recreate this at home since I have like 3 bags of quinoa from the states (my mom packed them inside my luggage!!)

detox delight_abandme_20150910_007

apple, zucchini, spinach, lemon and mint

I drank the green juice the next day. It didn’t taste bad, but it was something different, at least for me. It’s probably the spinach. 

detox delight_abandme_20150909_003

I totally forgot about the lunch salad. I had that like two days after!! I was scared that it got spoilt but it was still actually edible. YAY!! I liked it but being the carnivore that I am, I missed the meat. 

Lastly, I was also given this sweet treat! 

detox delight_abandme_20150909_004

Energy Balls – sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, raw cacao, cinnamon, dates, lucuma, maple syrup & salt

The box came with a few information booklets which includes tips and detox symptoms and recommendations to help users while on detox.

detox delight_abandme_20150911_009
What I liked:

  • Delivery was on time. They were very courteous and patient during our discussions. 
  • Instructions were clear and easy to follow
  • It’s packaged really well (and most containers are reusable, so YAY!)
  • The food was all fresh and tasty

Overall, it was a good experience (although I wasn’t able to follow the full day detox schedule.. my fault totally!)

For more information on Detox Delight, you may follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, visit their website for orders:

Happy Detoxing!!


Disclaimer: one package of Detox Delight was sent to me for consideration. All opinions are mine and based on my experience.

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