My Top 5 Essential Oils

When I started my oily journey, I only wanted good quality oils to diffuse. I never imagined myself doing so much more with my oils. It’s also a blessing that I was introduced to Young Living as they are the world leader in essential oils. Yep, that’s right. You can even ask Siri!

With their Seed to Seal promise, I am confident in using these oils not just aromatically. They can be used topically and ingested as well. 

My Top 5 Essential Oils

Young Living has a wide range of essential oils and essential oil blends. It’s quite overwhelming! I’m listing down my top 5 essential oils from the Premium Starter Kit (PSK). 

top 5 essential oils

Oils that are included in the PSK are 5 ml oils. These are 15 ml bottles because I already finished the oils from my Kit.

  1. Lavender – tagged as “the Swiss Army knife of essential oils”. Lav is very gentle that it can be applied neat (undiluted) on the skin. Best for sleep and relaxation. It also helps in various skin conditions (acne, scarring etc).  Tip: I put 2 – 3 drops of Lavender in a pack of unscented baby wipes. It gives the wipes wonderful scent and it helps with my baby’s skin.
  2. Peppermint – supports the digestive system and promotes proper nasal and respiratory functions. Testimonial: Blake was complaining of tummy ache. We massaged diluted peppermint on her tummy and less than a minute, she goes number 2!
  3. Thieves – diffusing this blend can help protect the body against the onset of flu, colds and viruses since it has high antiviral and antiseptic properties. Testimonial: I put a dab of Thieves on my canker sore and it was gone the next day. It stung like hell but it worked!
  4. Digize – this blend supports a healthy digestive system. It helped me a lot while I was pregnant and suffering from indigestion quite a lot. A drop of diluted Digize on my stomach and all is back to normal. (Note: Digize contains Fennel and is advised not to be used while pregnant – use with caution.)
  5. Lemon – this oil maintains high energy levels. When I’m tired and needing of a good pick me up, I put a drop of lemon eo on my palm, rub them together then cup them over my nose and mouth. Then I inhale deeply. You must try! (Lemon + Peppermint is perfect together!)


I know I only said 5, but the PSK has everything you need to get started! 

6. Frankincense – a holy oil in the Middle East. Remember what the 3 kings gifted baby Jesus? Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh! (Young Living also has Myrrh). If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me. Testimonial: I used Frank on my skin tags and they fell off after less than a week of use!

7. Purification – this is a blend of 6 essential oils that has powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and sanitizing properties. I use this whenever the air at home needs purifying (especially when flu season is here!)

8. R.C. – this oil is perfect for respiratory issues. Used to decongest and relieve allergy-type symptoms like coughs, sore throats, etc. This blend helped me a lot during my pregnancy as well. 

9. Panaway – This is the PAIN away oil. It helps to reduce pain and stimulates quicker healing. I use this for headaches and back pain (this is a “hot” oil so you might need to dilute)

10. Copaiba – primarily used for anxiety, muscle aches and pains. This oil is also believed to amplify the effects of other essential oils. 

11. Stress Away – this is a special formula to help relieve everyday stresses and tensions.

Bonus Bonus!

12. Valor – This is a non PSK oil but this is one of the first oil I ordered after my PSK. Considered as “chiropractor in a bottle”, Valor is perfect for alignment and balance. 

How to Order:

You can get these oils here. I strongly suggest that you sign up as a distributor so you can get the wholesale pricing for these oils. You are in no way required to sell at all, just sign up and enjoy the discounted price! 

Sign up with me as your enroller and you will be a part of my awesome team! We offer online support to get you started in your oily journey. Click here to get started. 


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