I’m a Baking Mama

I’m a baking mama. 

 I love to cook and bake. I don’t have any formal training though. I just leaf through cook books and online recipes. Years ago, I made extra bucks by baking made to order cakes. Nothing fancy but good enough to give away as a present. It did not last long because I couldn’t keep up with the orders.

Now, I’ve decided that I want to improve my baking skills. I also want to expand to bread making and cake decorating. I’ve always been intimidated by fondant … time to conquer that fear! First things first, I need a proper oven thermometer. I think the built-in oven thermometer is busted. 

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Also, I need a proper stand mixer. My hand mixer is ok but not good enough. Plus this baby is the ultimate kitchen eye candy. 

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Then its time to look for short courses. I hope to get this all done before the end of this year. Wish me luck!!

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