Cinnamon Rolls

One thing on my list is to take up Cake Decorating Classes. I still haven’t done that. Haha!

My good friend Faye gifted me with a lovely bake book. I wanted this bake book since it came out. It’s the one from Goldilocks. And now I have it! Yay!!!


goldilocks bake book

There’s so much goodies in there to try. And since I still haven’t got time to take baking/cake decor classes, I’ll just make use of this lovely bake book!

Two days ago, I made Cinnamon Rolls. It was not really planned but because I have a good amount of cream cheese frosting in the fridge (left over from my carrot cupcake batch), I decided to try cinnamon rolls. I have always been intimidated by bread. It’s not as easy as cakes that you just mix and whip. Breads usually take time and a lot of effort (kneading). Anyways, I conquered my fears and tried the cinnamon roll recipe. It’s not yet perfect but it’s yummy!!

cinnamon rolls

Fresh out of the oven, without frosting



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