Traditional with a Modern Twist at Aseelah Dubai

I have been here in Dubai for 17 years and I can’t say that I have sampled Authentic Emirati Cuisine until recently when we got invited at Aseelah.

Aseelah Cover

Aseelah Location

Located on the 5th floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek, this restaurant is well situated between the old and the new Dubai with a view of the Dubai creek in between.


Radisson Blu Reception Area

We were invited to Aseelah many times before, however, I wasn’t really that excited. I thought I already know what food they have and what it would taste like. Well, I have been proven wrong.

As we enter Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek, we saw Grace (sandierpartures) with her husband. We didn’t realize that we were heading to the same restaurant. They went up first because Blake had to change to a more appropriate outfit.

Since we haven’t been there before, we didn’t know exactly where it is. We just know that it’s on the fifth floor. We saw a couple of restaurants as soon as we got off the elevator. Our first thought was “this couldn’t be it, we might be in a wrong place” as we can’t see anything resembling a traditional restaurant. So we asked and was told that Aseelah is the restaurant to the left and a bit towards the back of the elevator. When I saw it, I felt like I was under-dressed.

The traditional yet modern ambiance

Aseelah_interior Aseelah_Interior4 Aseelah_Interiors2 Aseelah_Interiors3

Authentic Emirati Cuisine

We were guided to our table by a courteous host.  

Saffron good. Rose water good.

Put them both in a drink and what do you get? A truly refreshing welcome drink! Combine that with a pre-appetizer serving of freshly baked date bread, I knew that I was in for treat.


The menu includes both traditional Emirati and modern international cuisine using local produce.

As we were placing our orders, we were told that they recommend sharing and that is what Aseelah is all about. Translated from Arabic, Aseelah means “One belonging to a great Heritage and Family” one of the common ways to celebrate family is by sharing a meal together.

What we ordered


Fennel and Orange Salad paired with Lemon & Mint Juice


Aseelah Camel Slider


Aseelah Seafood Risotto



For such a delectable treat, it is quite affordable. Like what I said earlier, I thought I already know Emirati cuisine turns out I was wrong. Emirati Cuisine is truly distinct from Lebanese, Egyptian or any other Arabic food.

We were guests at Aseelah, however all opinions and comments are mine and remains uninfluenced. This post contains some affiliate links.

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