The scariest drive I did – Manila North to South

I recently experienced the scariest drive of my life when we went to the Philippines to celebrate my Mother’s 60th birthday.


From North to South

My family is from Las Piñas which is in Southern Manila, “S” family is from Meycauayan which is outside of Manila but on the Northern side. We arrived NAIA terminal 3 on 9th of September and headed straight to Meycauayan to spend a day relaxing before the festivities. Our plan was to spend 2 nights in Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas which is again in the South.


The Scariest Drive

Here are some of the reasons why I consider driving from north to south Manila the scariest.

  1. Most of the road lanes are not visible, and even if it is, many drivers just ignore it.
  2. Roads are uneven, it felt like driving in dirt road.
  3. Many signals don’t work, and even if it does, many drivers just ignore it if they can get away with it.
  4. PUJ and PUB just stop anywhere and anytime they want.
  5. Pedestrians cross anytime and anywhere they want.
  6. Confusing road signs, non standard colors or not reflectorized.
  7. Bike riders drive like they own the road.
  8. There is no dedicated lane for emergency services, anyone who gets involved in a serious accident is likely to die.
  9. Other drivers not using indicator lights.
  10. Worn out tires specially on 16 wheeler trucks. I saw this up close when we passed by the port area.
  11. Vehicles that are not roadworthy, We saw a makeshift vehicle made up of improvised motor powered by petrol. This passed by and stopped in front of a police station with many police outside and just ignored it.

On the day we left Manila to go back to Dubai, I saw a news article that proudly says that Manila is no longer the worst city to drive on based on the Waze app. I have not driven in many countries but for me Manila is still the scariest drive of my life. 

State of Lawlessness

Our president declared a state of lawlessness after a terror attack in Davao. For me, we have been in a state of lawlessness in a long time. Some of the reasons I stated above are due to lack of enforcement and obedience to the law.

As a citizen, I wish I would live to the time when chaos is no longer the normal.

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