CURRENTLY JULY 2017 …and other updates


Mango tree in our backyard. It’s so tall that we can’t even harvest. 😛

Hello, hello, hello!! 

I’m writing this post inside my parent’s room in my childhood home with the sound of the pouring rain outside. Ahhhh, memories. 

I know its been a while. As usual, everything is a bit hectic lately. From meetup with friends and relatives to organizing the house, I am exhausted most of the time. I realized that I didn’t write June updates so I decided to do this post.  (Are there any readers left? Thank you for sticking around!!)

From now on, I’ll try to update first week of the month instead coz it makes more sense that way. 😛

July Currently…

…feeling exhausted. My tummy is getting bigger by the day and I can’t wait for the baby to come. I know I should be enjoying these days with B and savour every moment that I can still go out of the house without a nursling but I’m so heavy that I don’t even want to leave the room anymore. LOL

…starting the nesting phase. Or I could just be being to OC since the house situation is not according to my own messy standards. Every time I go home, there is this urge to take everything apart and purge broken/unwanted/unused items in the house. We need to reduce clutter and at the same time make room for new stuff, right?

…loving the rain. Since I don’t go out that much, the rain doesn’t really bother me. I’ve missed it so much since I’ve spent most of my adult life in the desert. I also love that Blake gets to experience taking a bath in the rain!  

…thinking of my birthing plan. My doctor told me that we can schedule the delivery as early as September 22nd. Just like last time, I want to exclusively breastfeed and take the baby in the room with me as soon as possible. I have to talk to the doctors to make sure that everything is ok. 

…enjoying the slow-paced life. I quit my job about 2 weeks ago and I’m literally just eating and sleeping everyday (hey, doctor’s orders! rest, rest, rest!) I’m just afraid that I might enjoy this too much and end up being broke for the rest of my life. LOL.

In other news, we lost a tooth last night. I was hoping we could keep the baby teeth till at least she’s seven. But the tooth fairy has other plans so … .  She didn’t realize that she lost a tooth till I pointed it out to her. Then when she touched it, she saw blood. That’s when she started crying. When she saw that I was also upset, she calmed me down and said, “Don’t worry, it will grow back.“. 

Lost Tooth

Tough girl!!

Also, since I would be scheduled to delivery early, there’s one thing bothering me. B and RaceCar’s* birthday would be one day apart (if not on the same day!). I feel that it would be unfair for B since she would have to share her special day every year hereon. Am I just overreacting? 

*We temporarily named the baby RaceCar. Blake decided on it. 


If there’s something I’m missing, it’s the fast internet in Dubai! Our connection here is snail-paced that I feel so lazy to even open my laptop.

Ok. I miss Alvin. 

Him and the fast internet connection. 😛

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