Currently – February 2017

Currently FEBRUARY 2017

Currently February 2017

I’ve been struggling with my writing again. I’m just forever exhausted for some reason. I  have a long backlog of posts that I need to finish and hopefully I can do that before our trip! Anyway, just to update .. 


starting to be mindful of what I eat. I need to maintain (if not lose!) the current weight for health reasons. It’s been a struggle for a very long time. Back in late 2010, I took charge and started running. A few months after, I found out I was pregnant with B. I never got “that” active again after the pregnancy so here I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I did try but somehow I never got my groove and inspiration back so it was all stops and starts. :/

enjoying the cool weather still. A little bit too cold for the beach but we’ll get to that sweet spot where the temperature is just about right. Not too cold, not too hot (and humid!).

planning our US trip (still!). Tickets are booked, visas secured. We just need to find out where to go aside from Disneyland! LOL

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celebrating my birthday month (March)! Woohoo. It’s also my blog anniversary so watch out for some giveaways (ehem looking for sponsors. Ha Ha!) 

…feeling … exhausted! LOL. I’m thinking maybe a vacation is just what I need. But then again, with the time difference and the unforgiving jet lag, I’d probably be more exhausted after that trip. 

So what’s up with you? Share in the comments section!

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