What does the Farm say?

B loves to talk. Even if she doesn’t know the words, she still tries to talk. Most of the time its jibberish but she would still be able to tell her story … and I would “get” it!

Mommy, atiksshutks abutsiks bird skitits rice.  

— you got that? No? … She said she fed the birds with rice. LOL!

She would always asks, mommy, whatyadoin? (yeah, she says it like that!)

We have this routine at night when we are about to sleep — this is how I wind her down. I would ask her things and she would just tell her story.

Me: Blakey, what did you do today?
B: is daddy and Blakey slide stiksikitksit a swing! astikitiskits jump and run and then eat ass kweem.

I would just continue to ask questions like what kind of Ice Cream did you eat? etc.  Sometimes, she would ask the questions, like the other night.

B: mommy, ahmmm duck say?
Me: quack quack?

B: Yes, quack quack. Say …. dog?
Me: wof wof wof!!

B: Yes, wof wof. Say … cat?
Me: Meoooow

B: yes, very good mommy. Say … cow?
Me: Mooooo!!

B: yes, mooo. Say … Farm?
Me: (slightly confused) .. what, farm??

B: yes, farm…say … farm?
Me: I don’t know baby, what does the farm say??


B: Eee I Eee I ooooh

Why didn’t I know that?!! Nakaka loka ka! And notice how she asks questions and confirms the answers? Also, she has a mix of American and British accents. HAHA!! Push me yen!!

Dear Baby Girl, 

You really light up my day. 



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