The Package Arrived!

I ordered something online and I received it on time!! I’m so happy. 

I need these for my daughter’s birthday preparations. (More on that on the other blog). I was so scared it wouldn’t come on time, but it did! 
You see, I don’t usually buy stuff online. I don’t know why. I’m just paranoid like that (or my subconscious is telling me not to try because I know I’ll be addicted to it!) Also, prices are mostly in other currencies. It confuses me (you can tell I’m not very good at numbers, HAHA!) 
There are a few vendors who offer currency conversion tools, like Amazon. Here is a tool I use to convert Dirham to Dollars or vice versa. It saves me a lot of effort trying to find my old school calculator and doing the conversion myself!
Anyway, I placed the order on Saturday (14 September) and I have been tracking it every hour. I really really need it to arrive at least by Thursday (that’s today!). So, yesterday (Wednesday), when I saw that it’s already in Sharjah, I called DHL and told them that I really need that item delivered to me urgently. 
The DHL guy was very helpful and told me that it will be delivered to me before 6pm. I received it by 530. That was a quick transaction! It only took about 4 days from the time I placed the order to actually receiving my pretty, small box. 


Do you shop online? Which sites? 


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