Review: Johnson’s Face Care

Here comes another review:
Because I don’t use a lot of make up, I didn’t feel the need to buy facial wipes/cleansers. I have tried a couple of brands before though.
Anyhow, I got these as freebies and I’m just so excited to share them.
Johnson's refreshing facial wipes
It has a very mild scent like powder and rose…probably (I’m not very good at describing what I smell. HA! I’m useless like that)
The material is not so thick but its soft and not dripping wet. Just enough to cleanse the face. The pack contains 25 wipes 
It also moisturizes the skin so I didn’t have to wash my face with water after. Its so easy like wipe and go kind of thing. 
I can see myself using this a lot. Not to remove make up. Just to freshen up…
By the way, it promises to remove even waterproof mascara. I have yet to test that. I never had luck with mascaras. 

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