Potty Training Update : Success and Tissue Papers

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I really believe that children are the best imitators. They copy just about everything! And I know this is how they learn. (I know because I used to be a child! HAHA!!)
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To get B started on potty training, I took her with me every time I have to use the toilet (for wee wee only, ok?) I would tell her that this is how you wee wee and it’s ok to sit down like this. Then after, you clean yourself up with water or tissue. Basically, I just talk and talk while she messes up my makeup drawer. 
Eventually, she got the idea. Now, everytime we go to the toilet, she takes the tissue roll and I guess she feels that it’s her sole responsibility to clean me up because she wipes my lady parts after I’m done!! >.<
If you have been following me in Facebook (I hope you are following me!! If not, please do.), you would know that B has finally peed on her potty! (YAY!!) It was as missed milestone for me since I was at work when it happened. The nanny called me to tell the story.
The nanny told B to sit on her potty and encouraged her to pee. She even gave B toilet paper. After a while, B peed and wiped herself up! Then placed her soiled tissue on her plate. (She was having lunch. LOL)
She doesn’t always sit on her potty though. We still have a long way to go but I believe we are off to a good start!

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