Potty Trained!

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B’s Potty Book – I got her this on her 1st Birthday

On to the good news … We are officially potty trained! B now tells us whenever she needs to go. 

This happened a couple of weeks before her second birthday. At first she wouldn’t know what to do when she gets this “feeling”. She would cry and wants to be carried. Then she would pee on us. I would tell her that its ok. I would stroke her hair and comfort her. Eventually, she learned to shout “wee wee!!” then run to me and say : “t’s okey.. t’s okey” while stroking my face! She learned to comfort herself! Nakakaloka!

After a few “accidents”, she has learned to control herself and wait until we got to the toilet. We don’t let her wear diapers at home anymore (except at night …). She would tell us when she needs to go, everytime! And what’s amusing is that she expects to be washed/wiped everytime. Smart girl!!

I’m so proud of my Little One. <3 <3 <3

What’s your potty training story? Hit me up on the comments section below!

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