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I haven’t had the chance to update you all on the status of my plants. Well, remember the time when I wanted to grow celery? Yeah, that did not work out. It just withered after a few weeks. 

My first attempt at growing celery

I never gave up. I did the celery thing again and this is how it looks like a few days ago.  Woohoo! Looks promising. (It has actually grown quite a bit since the day I took this pic…. – mental note: must update this soon!!)

2nd attempt, look at that!

And remember my Gardenia plant which I bought from Ikea? Well, that was the last time it had flowers. It’s not dead…but no flowers. So, no picture. HA!

But here’s the newest addition to my growing garden, narcissus bulbs. Again, I bought them already like this. I would have wanted to grow them from bulbs and to actually see them bloom. But this would do. 

I really need to make time for my gardening plans. It’s almost summer and that won’t be a good time to start. 

Plants I want to grow: Tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, basil, oregano and other herbs I could use in the kitchen!

More updates to come!

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