Of Dirty Laundry and Floors

Sorry for being so random all of a sudden. I just realized that I am very lucky to live in a generation that most households have washing machines! I remember when I was younger, washing clothes required lots of preparation.


Of course first thing is to separate the coloreds from the whites. Then you pre-wash starting with the whites. You then wash with a bar detergent while smashing your clothes with a wooden paddle (yeah, so old school … right?). I also remember that they used to soak the clothes in soap then let it dry under direct sunlight. After a few hours, you then wash with clean water until there’s no more soap. AND we didn’t have fabric conditioners then. Imagine how stiff the clothes were!

So glad that they are now products that help ease the process of washing clothes. (FACT: I used to waste almost a whole day just doing the laundry!) We have a whole range to choose from. There are powdered detergents and fabric conditioners. Then they got more innovative and mixed the detergent with fabric conditioners! Have you tried the liquid detergents? Not sure if it’s better than its powder counterpart but it’s definitely something out of the box.

Take Persil Abaya for example. This was introduced in 2007 which is for specifically for black clothes (especially Abaya’s which are very delicate). When black fades, it doesn’t look good. Your clothes look worn out and old. But with Persil Abaya, they get revived! Then Persil White was introduced in 2010 which is a heavy duty detergent that keeps your whites very white. There’s also Persil Gel – another heavy duty detergent for all colors in your wash basket.

I’m just so lucky to have new innovations like these!

What about the floors (and walls!)? We used to just clean the house using soapy water. I hated the smell of disinfectants back then. Too strong for my taste. Now we have disinfectants (that are more affordable and just as effective!). Plus, with the right formulation, you can actually see that the product works!

*Persil and DAC are just a few brands from Henkel Products. Both are available in most supermarkets in the UAE.

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