Not What I Planned, But…

It’s the last long weekend for this year. I planned to go and check the Great Parenting Show on Friday morning and we can just relax on Saturday. 

So early morning Friday, we got up and left the house despite the rain. Yes, rain. It rains a couple of days a year in Dubai. It just so happened that it rained on the first day of the long weekend. And it was really pouring. 

After an hour of carefully avoiding high water areas, we decided to just head back. There was no way we could go as we can see cars making U-turns to safety. 


About four blocks away from our place, our fears came true. Our car just stopped. in. the.  middle. of. the. road.  It was surreal. I didn’t know what to do but my brains couldn’t panic.  Amazingly, 2 young men stopped beside us and asked how they can help. THANK GOD FOR GOOD SAMARITANS!!

They let us in their car and helped to push our car to safety. 

The next day, we went back to check on our car. It still won’t start. I had to call my friend to help us. We even got a mechanic to check. But still no go. 

I guess we would have to make do with one car for now.  It was not what I have planned for the weekend. But at least we are safe. And I realized that there are still good people around us. 




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