I bought my first New TV at 40

I have just reached 40 a few months back and would you believe that it is my first time to buy a new TV?

Hand me downs

When we were kids, it’s our parents who buys stuff for us. That will continue for as long as you live with your parents and until your parents earn more than you do and sometime even when not. Well, in a way that was not the case for me.

I was 22 when I immigrated to Dubai in 1999 and stayed with my mother. All of her furniture was left with me when she moved to England, including her TV. The TV worked for another 3 years. I wasn’t really a TV guy back then because the internet was just booming. My past time was chatting in IRC and Yahoo Messenger. 

Fun Fact: “S” and I first met through chat (and eventually in person through common friends). 

The Golden Age of TV

Fast forward a few years later, when IRC and Yahoo Messenger was no longer “cool” and TV shows were getting better. I was first hooked into watching TV by the Superman Origin series Smallville. Then all other shows such as all version of CSI, Lie to Me, House (who could forget??), among others.

All those time, we were watching on a computer because I moved to a shared room in sharing apartment when rent started become ridiculously high. It wasn’t until I moved to a separate room when watching TV shows on a 15″ monitor is no longer practical. It also become a challenge because I had to keep chatting and watching at the same time (multi-tasking!!)

Our First New TV


Our first TV. Still working after all these years!

We moved to an apartment where Pinoy Cable TV was included in the rent. We didn’t want to waste the “freebie” so we decided to get a TV. Back then, flat screen/LCD TV was only for the “super rich”. We didn’t buy a fancy branded expensive one. A TV is a TV, right?. We had to settle for a 21 inch CRT TV.

It was actually “S” who bought it. 


A hand me down TV showing the Burj Khalifa NY Fireworks

We gave away that TV in working condition because someone from “S” work gave her a 37″ Flat Screen TV. We used it a little more than 2 years until a few weeks back, the colour started acting up. I wasn’t about to give up on it until I realized that a new one would only cost me a little more than what I had to pay and the effort to get it fixed.

So I bought a new TV

New TV

I don’t normally buy based on brand popularity. My first consideration when buying stuff is to make sure that it serves the purpose, next is the price, the reviews, and importantly, the after sales service locations.

I bought a Hisense 49N2170PW FHD Smart LED Television.

This is the biggest TV we ever owned at 49″!


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • HDMI / Audio In: 3 
  • Type: Full HD Smart LED TV
  • Connectivity:  wi-fi enabled to browse the internet, watch content on Youtube built-in support for Netflix
  • USB Slots: 2 – plug & play USB devices
  • Viewing Angle: 178 Degree
  • Operating System: VIDAA Lite 2.0

It was very easy to set up using a wizard approach the moment I powered it up. I love the fact that I can easily access Netflix and YouTube with press of a button built-in the remote controller.

Image quality is superb, however, sound quality can be better. I also like the built-in apps and web browser. I had so much fun viewing this blog on a 49″ screen.

New TV2

The best of all, it only cost 1099 AED (with 0% instalment options!)

That’s a WIN in my book!

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