Bucket List Update – April 2014

I guess it’s time to update my list. I’m happy to report that I was able to cross out some during my stay in the Philippines.

5. Dress up and have proper “dinner” with family.

This is not “dinner” but I’ll take it. We are complete and we are having good food together. This is the first time we are all together – together. There was a time that my brother was away. When he came back, I left for Dubai so I was absent. Then my parents and sister migrated to the US seven years ago so she was absent the last time I went home.


After seven years, here we are … together again. I’ve missed my family so much. So thankful we had this beautiful Sunday together.

7. Open a Savings Account

Yep, I did it finally! (and no, I will not post my account details. LOL!!). I have been wanting to open a separate savings account. Right now, I have another savings account which I call “screw you” fund. I’m saving enough so one day I can say — Screw You! I quit!!

The other savings account will be for something else like…I dunno, business maybe?

23. Have a family reunion (parents & siblings)

I realized that this is basically the same as #5 since we can’t really have a proper “dinner” unless we are all together, right? (Sometimes I’m not too bright… haha!!)

But the best part about having the whole family at home at the same time is that we get to be reunited with the rest of the clan! This photo is with the family on my mom’s side (this is still not everybody!! My mom has 10 siblings so imagine how many cousins I have!!):

This is from my dad’s side in Davao: (My dad has 3 other siblings — all at the front. The rest are their cousins)

And this is still my dad’s side in Manila:

So that’s about it. Still working on the rest of my list. Hopefully I get to finish them all — its not easy coz it keeps getting longer. (LOL)

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