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I guess it’s now OK to talk about the final episode of Breaking Bad. FeLiNa — Finale… get it? I didn’t want to spoil anyone so I waited for a bit before saying anything on this blog. Here goes:
I love, love, LOVEEEE the finale. This is a very fitting ending for Walt. and Jesse. It’s heartbreaking, yet everyone had closure. Some of my favorite parts of the episode:
– Walt knocking off the snow on the window of the stolen car. It’s just … badass. 
– Walt’s thought process. He really is a genius, isn’t he? I mean, he was able to plan for everything!!
– His words to the Schwartz’s : “Cheer up, beautiful people. This is where you get to make it right”. Again, Badass!!
– His conversation with Skylar. 
– His scene with Holly. – This made me tear up!
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– Walt’s machine gun / robo-gun. Genius!
– Walt and Jesse’s last nod of acknowledgement. 
– Jesse’s reaction to freedom. 
– Walt’s final bid to chemistry. 

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I admit I am still in withdrawal from this epic show. In fact, I may be in denial. A part of me thinks Walter White is not dead. I mean, hear me out for a bit, ok?
He planned for everything, right? When he talked to Skylar, he said: “They’re not coming back, not after tonight“. He knows that the “bad people” will be killed. right? So, during the gun fire, he was down with Jesse. I’m sure he did not “plan” to get shot by his own gun, right? (bear with me, I’m getting there). 
Maybe he considered the possibility that he’ll be shot by Uncle Jack’s crew or even by Jesse. But not by his own gun. He pushed Jesse out of the way, he was down on the floor trying not to get shot.  In the last scene, did we really see him “die”? Sure he was lying there, bleeding. But was he dead? What if he’s just there, waiting for the police? His way of surrendering?
Am I making sense? I’m telling you, I love this show so much that I refuse to believe that Mr. White is gone. 
Tell me what you think. Let’s talk about this. Help me get it out of my system! LOLS

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