Boots No. 7 – Unknown

No Top Coat

 This was just a random purchase of pre loved nail polish (I got 5 pieces for a dollar, more or less). It’s just unfortunate that I can’t find the name of this color. It’s a nice rosy creme color. This photo did not capture the actual color. This is taken in natural light, by the way.

Consistency is a bit on the thick side, which is exactly how I want it. Only took 2 coats to achieve maximum opacity.

Of course I had to mattify it.

 I used this color because I was going to be in a very important meeting and I don’t want to wear something distracting. I’d be more adventurous next time, promise!


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  • Greenpease

    Love it!!!

    June 14, 2010 at 7:42 AM Reply
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