Been There: Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain

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Before we went to Green Mubazzarah, we were at the top of Jebel Hafeet. This is the emirate’s highest peak at 1240 meters (not sure of the exact numbers but this is about right). All the while, I thought this mountain is the highest peak in the whole of UAE. Apparently, I’m mistaken. Highest peak is Jabal Yibir (no idea where that is! LOL). 

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The first time I went here was around December last year when my brother visited. I just wanted Mr. A to see the sights and now armed with more knowledge of the area, I felt like a tour guide. I like to look smart. LOL.

I can now say that I have been to one of  the Unesco World Heritage site in the UAE. There are several locations, all of them in Al Ain. So if you’re in the UAE, make sure to take a trip here and cross something out of the list!


The top of the mountain is wholly in the UAE while some parts of it have crept over to the neighboring country of Oman. 


Rocky mountain that has stood over a million years. And I was on top of it. WOW. It would have been more challenging if we cycled all the  way to the top, no? Apparently people do cycle here.

Jump shot - jebel hafeet

Jump Shot!

At the top, there’s a huge parking space where you can park, get out of your car and then enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Nothing much to do, really. There’s a sad-looking restaurant if you’re hungry. 


The drive going down has more “wow” factor for me than the drive going up. On the way down, you can actually see the city below. 



After our short trip up Jebel Hafeet, we had our picnic at Green Mubazzarah

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