Almost there…

I finally had my well deserved pampering time. I went to Nail Spa Lounge in Mega Mall and had my feet done. You have no idea how big they’ve gotten. And I can’t reach them anymore, so I really need someone to do it for me.

Can you imagine, it has been a month since my last pedi! My visit to the salon really helped me a lot.

Anyhow, we are almost there. Just a couple of weeks more and I’ll be seeing my baby. Whoopee!! Here’s a list of what I need to do:

  1. Pack hospital bag – I’m still missing some stuff, mostly mine. 
  2. Get updated MDR (Philhealth)
  3. Have the bathroom sink done. (It needs to be replaced)
  4. Talk to OB about my birth plan. 
  5. Meet with college friends (they’re throwing me a baby shower!)
I hope I can finish all of these. It’s really getting harder and harder to move around. 

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