Wordy Wednesday 2/10/13

So, I haven’t been posting WW for a while now. I kinda got tired doing it, I guess? It felt like I’m obligated to do it and I don’t like that. So I stayed out of the loop for a while. 

Anyway, this is not going to be “wordless” — obviously. (the title is already a give away .. haha!) The photo above was taken yesterday. We had to take Super Nanny to the medical center to have her vaccination. It’s part of her visa requirement. 

B and I were left inside the car while Baby Daddy and Super Nanny went inside. I was too tired to get out of the car and I don’t think its wise to bring B inside the clinic. As soon as they got out of the car, B started wailing. (As in, cryola ang bata!) I tried to distract her with books. water bottle. a pail. the ipad.

Nothing worked! What else can I do?! So, I gave her my make up kit! LOLS. Her reaction:


She picked up a brush and started swiping it on my face. Then she started brushing the car seat. Oh no!! I showed her how to do it. For maximum effect, I let her swipe some of my face powder so she can put it on my face.  After some time, I had to stop her from putting powder on my face na. (Hello, ang puti ko na!). I let her play with my eyeshadow / lipstick palette next. She applied lipstick on me and a little on herself. 🙂 That kept her busy till Baby Daddy came back. 

Then she did this:

The make up session made her hungry. LOLS!

I’m so glad I have a very “girly” girl. We can be kikay together. 

x x x

Have you noticed something different with how I write? I hope you don’t mind that I write in Filipino (Tagalog) every now and then. I just find it easier to blog when I’m using my own language. Anyway, I’m sure Google will be able to translate. 🙂

Please keep reading my blog? 🙂

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