I’m supposed to be excited and all happy but somebody has got to tell me HOW!!

  • My twin peaks are swelling and all kinds of sore. It feels like I’m already carrying a baby in my arms. It really feels heavy! ARRGGG!!
  • It feels like I’ve developed super hearing powers. I can’t tolerate the usual sounds I hear … like the hubs’ snoring or the TV. I mean, I just want to sleep!! Please let me rest.
  • I feel so tired. (it’s because I’m not getting any sleep!) I’m always hungry and I always got to pee. 
  • The lbs. that I managed to lose in the past few months all came back with a vengeance! C’mon!! I need to lose the weight, preggy or not. I am already obese, I’m sure getting bigger won’t be good for the baby too, right?

I know this is all temporary and things will be all rainbows and unicorns when my baby comes … but please please please let it be 9 months already!

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  • MindyTV

    Oh!! Bionic nose wala pa? Talas ng pang-amoy ko nun, kala mo naman tangos ilong. 😛

    March 3, 2011 at 8:29 AM Reply
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