Three Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation

There are many jokes about spending a week together as a family and how awful it can be. However, for many people, a family vacation is a treasured time to come together, reunite, and build lasting memories. Whether you choose from hotels in Licking, MO, or go camping, the following three suggestions can help you have a great family vacation:
·         Get early input from everyone.
·         Bring your camera.
·         Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Get Early Input from Everyone

When it is a family vacation, it is important to get input from all individuals, regardless of their age. Brainstorm ideas and then evaluate the ideas together. When you begin evaluating the ideas, establish parameters such as budget, timeframe, etc. This helps everyone categorize the ideas easier. If you have a lot of ideas, try multi-voting to help you narrow down the list. Getting input from everyone helps ensure that everyone gets excited about the trip.

Bring Your Camera

The nice thing about capturing the vacation on film is that it helps the vacation last longer than the original two weeks. Digital cameras make it easy to capture formal, posed moments as well as precious, candid moments. When you get home, use an Internet sharing program to share your pictures with everyone.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Perhaps the best advice is this: don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff. When your heart is set on a perfect vacation, it is easy to get disappointed when things don’t turn out exactly as planned. When this happens, take a deep breath and refocus on the most important things like building family relationships and creating fun memories. Then, let go of the stress, enjoy the moment, and reap the rewards of a great vacation.
In the end, the success or failure of a family vacation depends on everyone’s attitude. Whether you love staying at hotels in Licking, MO, or enjoy a more rustic adventure, you can make it a fun memorable time. To help the memories be pleasant rather than harsh, remember to get input from everyone and bring your camera along to capture unexpected moments. Above all, don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember it is all small stuff.


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