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Watch an Epic Concert : CHECK!!

When I found out that Madonna, the queen herself, is coming to Abu Dhabi for a concert, I knew that this is the concert that I’ve been wanting to watch. What’s more epic than this?!

Here’s the kicker, I didn’t want to pay for overpriced tickets! HA!!

The day that the organizers announced that the tickets were being sold and its for a limited time only and all that I did not join the “crowd”. I said, if its meant to be, its meant to be. I’ll get tickets one way or the other.

MDNA World Tour

Lucky for me, an angel came along and sent tickets my way! woot woot!!

MDNA World Tour

It was a long day at the office and a long drive to Yas Marina. We got there about 9 pm. The crowd was huge! It was a hot, humid night. Most of the people are drunk already and some men were shirtless! (OK, that was somehow expected, right?)

We waited for an hour and a half for the show to start. That was a loooongg wait! People were booing and shouting just so the show would start. And I find it weird that they were playing Michael Jackson songs over and over while we wait.

MDNA World Tour
And then the show started. I forgot everything. To be honest, I was creeped out by the opening number. I felt that I was in the middle of a cult worship with all the chanting and visuals of demons and what nots. BUT, again, that was expected. It’s Madonna afterall.
About half time of the show, I felt weak. I realized that I haven’t eaten all day! I can feel the sour taste rising to my throat. I was sweating bullets. I needed to get out of the crowd. I needed air. I needed food!
I quickly squeezed my way out, holding my cousin’s hand. Half leading and half dragging her to clear grounds. LOL! One thing I realized, fan girls can be very bitchy in concerts! There was this white girl who didn’t want to let me pass. But I ignored her and just went on my way because I will be barfing any minute by then.
It was later that night when my cousin told me that the girl deliberately pushed me and taunted me because I ignored her. Had I been well at that time, I would have bitched slapped that girl for pushing me. Lucky for her, I needed to get out really quick.
Anyhow, we reached the food stands and had a bite to eat. We decided to look for our male companion who got separated from us. Little did we know that he was having the time of his life dancing with random drunk girls! HAH!!
We joined the crowd once again in an attempt to look for our other friend. By this time, the crowd was going crazy. Madonna was singing Like a Prayer and everyone just joined the fun! I think this was the first time that the crowd engaged. But it was short lived as this was her final song.
And that was it. The end of an epic concert. I know my narrative does not give justice to the whole experience so bear with me while I post scenes from the concert.

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    atleast nakasayaw at nakakanta prin tyo. thanks ulit xxx

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