Long Weekend Recap

For those not familiar how we work here in the sandpit, we have five and a half working days. Yes, 5.5 days. That’s not all. We start our work week on a Saturday when the rest of the world is just enjoying their weekend. Some companies have 5 working days, some have 6 working days … we have 5.5. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing because you go to work in the morning and leave by 3 pm (only 3 more hours before your normal shift ends). Most of the time, we end up leaving way past 3 pm!

Anyhow, we had a semi-long weekend a couple of days back due to Islamic Holiday (Isra Wal Miraj or ascension of the Prophet). I say semi long because some companies has 3 long days off while I had 2.5 days. 

I had planned on doing a lot of housekeeping and organizing during this time. Also, I wanted to check shops for sale items since Dubai Summer Surprises started. Here’s the plan:

  • Organize wardrobe – throw unwearable items / donate old stuff / try on pre-pregnancy clothes (and hope they fit!! … of course that’s wishful thinking)
  • Organize our Medical File – our files are all over the place. I want to have a proper file thingie.
  • Purge and Clean – discard whatever — papers, old unused stuff … 
  • Delete Files on PC – files that are really not worth keeping… I swear I have a lot of them! 
Here’s what happened:
Ok, not exactly like that but close. 
Wednesday (after 3 pm) – went home and made some macaroni salad with spam. Watched movie and slept early. 
Thursday – Woke up at 6 am … simply because the baby is up early! We watched movies, chatted with family back home, did 4KM walk at the park, put some coconut oil on my hair (LOLS), slept early (of course we had proper meals in between)
Friday – Went to Ikea for breakfast, bought the Little One new kicks, went home and wasted the day away. 
The only think I was able to do was delete some old files and posted Throwback Thursday photos in instagram! Where did the time go?!!
I’m not complaining (much) though. I had a great time with family and finally met another blogger friend (Hi Kero_p!!)
Looking forward to the next long weekend (which will be sometime in August! #Sigh)
*photo grabbed from the internetz. no copyright infringement intended*

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  • Tarana Khan

    Well, I got a lot of housework done but the downside is that I’m tired at the start of the week!

    June 9, 2013 at 2:30 PM Reply
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