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This post is related to my Bucket List – Sky Dive
My original list was more daring … more adventurous. Then I got pregnant, I had to tweak it to “pregnant-lady-friendly” things. Then I had to tweak it some more to suit my current lifestyle. Then one day, I realized… Why am I limiting myself? The heck, let’s do this! 
Sky Diving is part of my original list which I had to remove. Somehow knowing that a little human being is going to depend on me, for at least half of her life, changed my mind. But if you look at my list now, sky diving is there. I put it just now (sshhh!). Well, I did sky dive two weekends ago. It’s the same thing, only indoors. 

I’m talking about iFly Dubai in Mirdif City Center. I have seen people do it. I wanted to try but none of my friends seems to be interested. Then my cousin Genny, whom I have not seen in 25 years, flew out here from Germany to visit.

We looked at each other and something like this followed:

Me: Do you want to do it?
G: uhmm, ok. Do you want to do it?
Me: ahhh.. sure. So, are we doing it?
G: If you want to do it, its ok. Do you?

And this conversation dragged on for some time. Haha!! Of course we decided to do it.

Before everything else, you have to sign a waiver. Something that says you have no previous or current injuries/illnesses and that by agreeing to the terms, you are not allowed to sue iFly if something happens to you.

We gave up all our rights, signed the waiver, paid the fee and waited for the instructor. There’s a short introduction to iFly followed by a video instruction on how to read the hand signals. Then the instructor repeats the instructions and signs and just asked if we have any more “cautions” (we’re guessing he meant “questions”).

Then off we go to change. We were provided shoes, socks, overalls, goggles, helmet and earplugs. We went inside the waiting area where we were called one by one to enter the “tube”.

Here I am (above) just hovering. It’s not as easy as it looks! I started out really low (below)

I swear, if you decide to do this, please keep your mouth closed! Not just for having nice photos… but I’ll tell you in a bit… meanwhile, I was able to float higher, see?

I had no idea my face looked like this!

But it was fun

After 2 minutes of floating and trying to not bang my head on the walls, I was pushed out of the tube. That’s when I realized that my face was full of my saliva! YUCK!! And that is why you don’t open your mouth!!

After the session was done, we were asked to return the outfit. Some people are just crazy to return the earplugs. haha!!

It was quite an experience. We were sore for about two days, like we had major gym-time but its definitely something to remember. And will I do it again? Sure…. do you want to do it?  Coz I would do it if you want to… are you sure?  😉


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  • Brigitte

    i want to do it! sama ako next time ahahhaa

    January 4, 2014 at 4:31 PM Reply
    • Sheila Sheila

      I have two for 1 voucher. we can split the cost para mura! lols.

      January 4, 2014 at 7:50 PM Reply

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