Ice Bucket Challenge: I got challenged and why I’m not doing it

icebucket     I have been nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge earlier today. While I admire people who do the challenge as it is for a good cause, I will not douse myself with ice-cold water and here is why:

  1. I am in the middle east for crying out loud! Water is more expensive than petrol in this place. I did the calculation! 1 liter of water is about 2 AED while 1 liter of petrol is 1.7 AED (ok, it’s not much but you get the point). I have to correct myself on this. Water is almost the same price as the petrol, not necessarily more expensive. — Apparently my calculation is wrong … or I’ve been buying expensive drinking water. 😀
  2. There are places in the world that are experiencing drought … California is experiencing this right now! Why should I waste water??

I know that my argument is not as strong and some might say that it’s just a bucket of water…the world will not end, but I am making a stand. I’m trying to make a point as well. (Edit to add: it is not just one bucket of water. If there’s 1 million people doing this bucket of water challenge, then that’s 1 million bucket of ice water wasted, yes?)

A bucket of ice water on your head will not help this cause unless you actually give.  Those who do the challenge and then make a donation, well done. Those who take the challenge and just passes on the challenge to 3 other people without donating … well I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. And to those who say I’m a douche for not participating … well, at least I made a donation.  


If you really want to raise awareness to ALS, go to and make a donation. Now I challenge my readers to do the same. 

PS. Thank you for my cousin who tagged me to do the challenge. 

PPS. I started a conversation on my personal FB profile about this and someone suggested since petrol is cheaper, I should just do the #GasBucketChallenge. HAHA! I won’t because I might explode since I am hot. LOL. 

Another suggested that I just do the KFC Bucket Challenge instead. Hmmm.. That’s a thought. 

Guys, please donate! 😛

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